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Do I have the option to appeal an unemployment benefit decision?
I have a question about unemployment. My circumstances are rather unique. I am a Baby Boomer that was qualifying for retirement, and I get a small monthly pension. When I applied for unemployment, they deducted that small pension that will actually have health benefits extracted from it, but they [chose] to go with the gross. So I was just curious if there was any way to appeal that decision.
Gail V. Marquet:
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Companies pay into the unemployment fund so they can usually set the policy of how the funds are paid out. You might want to try appealing to the company from which you were terminated.
Connie K. Marmet:
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There is an appeals process for unemployment insurance and you should have received information on how to do it in your state when you applied. If not, check out the state's website. It is important that you carefully check your state's provisions for the matters you are appealing before documenting your claim and starting the appeal process.