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Where can I find Individual Development Account (IDAs) providers?
Concerning Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) and matched income accounts, how do I find an institution in my area that provides matched income accounts?
H. David Whalen:
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It is all up to the banking organization if they have IDA's or not. Search for a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) in your state or city via the internet. If there is a CDFI bank in your area they can tell you what they have to offer. Also look for other community banks in your area.
Elizabeth Jennings:
[The following are links to IDA providers]

Go and find the link to "AFI Project Locator" where you can find an IDA provider. The AFI grantees are the IDA providers.

You can also find IDA programs at or at

[Editorís Note: ACF stands for Administration on Children and Families under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.]

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