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How do I go about changing childhood spending habits?
If you developed a certain money personality as a child and [are] used to spending a certain amount/way -- because that's the way you've seen your parents do it and that's the only way you know how to do it, is it hard to change your personality? Do you have any suggestions for getting out of that personality?
Gail V. Marquet:
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Most individuals can classify themselves as either a saver or a spender. The best place is to be a medium of both. Like any habit, it can be changed if the person truly desires to change.
Claudia James:
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Blaming our background for our inefficiencies in any area demonstrates, at least for me, an unwillingness to accept responsibility-as adults we make choices, when those choices have a negative impact we need to make changes-blaming our parents is a waste of time. Using positive affirmations for 21 days will help change our attitude which changes our behavior.
Delores Lenzy - Jones, CPA, CIA:
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The first step is acknowledging that you have a challenge. Next, is to make a conscious effort to change the behavior.