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What types of scores do the three major credit bureaus give you?
I know that you can obtain your credit score and get a free credit report each year, and that Equifax is the only one that gives the FICO score. What types of scores do the other two credit bureaus-- Experian and TransUnion -- provide?
Bettye J. Banks:
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The three major credit repositories use the Vantage Score. It is a competitor to the FICO scoring model.
Michael A. Masiello:
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I'm not sure that the FICO score is free; they all provide one free credit history, not necessarily a free credit score.
Gerri Detweiler:
You can get one free credit report per year from each credit reporting agency at You can also purchase a credit score from one or more of the three agencies through the same site. However, you are correct in noting these will typically be educational credit scores and not FICO credit scores, which are the most commonly used credit scores. You may also want to try the free Credit Report Card, which will analyze your credit score and help you understand your credit strengths and weaknesses.