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When would a career change be warranted?
Under what conditions would you recommend a career change?
Julie Ann Johnson:
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If you are working in a dead-end industry, consider a move to an industry that is growing. Find out by googling "careers of the future" or something like that.

[Editor’s Note: For information on occupations that are the fastest growing, will have the largest numerical increases, or will have the largest numeric declines, see Quick Facts on Hot Jobs for the 21st Century on the Women’s Bureau’s Web site at and “Occupational employment projections to 2016” in the November 2007 Monthly Labor Review at Another resource on the outlook for various occupations is the 2008-09 Occupational Outlook Handbook at:]
Jane Callahan:
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I view this as a personal and subjective question. How satisfied are you now with what you are doing? How secure are you financially? Do you have a particular interest in something else? I like to create “pros” and “cons” columns when comparing alternatives. Identify alternative work and list the pros and cons of embarking on that new career path. What might you have to give up in the near term? Are the long term gains worth that? Life is awfully long when you’re not happy; and very short when you’ve many things yet untried. Therefore, it’s never too late to try – and it’s never too soon to plan.