Financial Planning for Generation X & Y Women
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Becoming Involved with Wi$eUp

Becoming a Expert

The Wi$eUp Program has assembled a group of experts in the field of financial planning to respond to questions from Generation X women. Representing a broad cross-section of financial professionals from across the United States, these experts volunteer their time and knowledge to support the Wi$eUp project by responding to questions submitted by online participants registered in the Women's Bureau demonstration project.

If you would like to become a volunteer Expert for the Wi$eUp program, please download:

Expert Guidelines

Wi$eUp Expert Registration Form (form-fillable PDF)

For Local Organizations

Wi$eUp is interested in recruiting local organizations to help evaluate the effectiveness of Wi$eUp. Potential groups include local civic groups, professional organizations, fraternal groups, women-owned small businesses — any organization with women members or an outreach to women in Generations X and Y — and with a commitment to expanding knowledge of financial matters to this particular group of women.

Groups agree to recruit participants to participate in the Wi$eUp financial education pilot project, and to help evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

If your organization would like to become involved, please download:

Wi$eUp Service Provider Guidelines

Wi$eUp Service Provider Registration Form (form-fillable PDF)

Have questions about becoming a Wi$eUp Expert or Organization? Email Wi$eUp

Replicating the Wi$eUp Program

Wi$eUp Formal Replication Guidelines

Wi$eUp Formal Replication Forms

Wi$eUp Informal Replication Guidelines

Wi$eUp Informal Replication Forms

Becoming a Value Added Supporter

Value Added Supporter Guidelines

Value Added Supporter Registration Forms


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