Financial Planning for Generation X & Y Women
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Glossary of Financial Terms

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Letter of Last Instruction
This letter includes information about your funeral plans/preferences, obituary information, insurance policy contact information, a list of your financial accounts and debts, the location of important papers, keys/combinations for lockboxes and other locked containers, and a list of persons to be contacted.
Anything that an individual owes. This includes credit card balances, college loan balances, automobile note balances, mortgage balances, and any other type of personal loan.
Life Insurance
A contract with the insurance company whereby in exchange for paying the insurance company a premium, they agree to pay your beneficiaries (people you designate) a certain amount of money when you die.
Living Will
This document is an individual's written declaration of what life-sustaining medical treatments are allowable in case of incapacitation or terminal illness.
Long-Term Care Insurance
LTC insurance provides for your "long-term care" if you become unable to take care of yourself because of loss of functional capacity or cognitive impairment.