Financial Planning for Generation X & Y Women
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Website FAQs

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I forgot my password. What should I do?

Go to the page called "Help! I forgot my password!"

I forgot my username/User ID. What should I do?

Please contact us directly via . We'll be happy to get your username and reset your password.

Who can use the Wi$eUp curriculum?

Anybody can use the Wi$eUp Curriculum, but we have designed it with Generation X & Y women in mind. However, youíll find the information and exercises work for anyone. Please share this website with any friends, acquaintances, family, coworkers, listservs, etc. whom you feel will benefit from a few key lessons to jump start their financial planning.

What is Wi$eUp?

Wi$eUp is a demonstration project developed to improve the financial security of Generation X & Y women. Besides trying to save more and spend less, have you given some thought to retirement? Have you ever really considered how much youíll need and just how much your money can grow in the meantime? Itís time to get serious, take control, and quit waiting for a rainy day. Itís time to wise up!

How can I participate in Wi$eUp, the Womenís Bureau demonstration project?

Participants in the Womenís Bureau demonstration project are being recruited. If you would like to be an official participant, please refer to the Contact Us page for contact information. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to use any of the features open to the general public on this website, including the Wi$eUp curriculum.

What other financial resources are available to women through the Internet?

The Internet is full of financial education resources. The challenge is determining which resources meet your needs and preferences while providing accurate, reliable information. Visit our Recommended Resources page for a listing of useful sites we have identified.

I am concerned about the security of the information I submit at the end of each chapter. Is the Wi$eUp site secure?

The Wi$eUp website is a secure website. The information you submit is confidential and stored on a secure server.

What is financial security?

Financial security is a state of being. When you are financially secure, you are prepared for the unexpected, know where your money is going, and have plans for the future. In practice, achieving financial security means different things to different people. The key is conscientiously managing your money with an eye for the big picture. Life happens, and youíll find that you can better handle sudden changes and take advantage of opportunities when your finances are under control.