Financial Planning for Generation X & Y Women
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Wi$eUp Teleconferences

The Women's Bureau hosts bimonthly teleconferences or webinars on topics covered in the Wi$eUp curriculum. Each teleconference includes a presentation, followed by a question and answer session. These seminars occur on the last business day of every other month and are recorded for your convenience.

Teleconference Archive

The mp3 recordings and transcripts for each teleconference are available for download on this website. Click the call titles below to find out more.


» Helping Low-Income Individuals and Families Build Financial Resources


» Financial Management at Year's End

» Tips for Starting and Staying on the Road to Retirement

» Health Insurance: A Key Component in Financial Planning

» Achieving and Maintaining the Dream of Homeownership

» Putting the Pieces Together to Weather the Economic Downturn

» Work and Money: Making the Best of Hard Times


» Economic Turbulence and Planning for 2009

» Dealing with Debt and the Credit Crunch

» Facing Financial Challenges in an Uncertain Economic Environment, Part II.

» Money Matters: Budgeting to Stretch Your Dollars

» What Do I Do Now? Facing Financial Challenges in an Uncertain Economic Environment.

» Financial Recordkeeping


» Credit

» Catching On to Retirement

» Paying for Higher Education & Repaying Student Loans

» Home Ownership in Today’s Market

» Saving: Pay Yourself First

» Tax Saving Strategies


» Becoming Credit Smart - Part II

» Financial Planning for Life Events

» Insurance

» Budget to Save

» Strategies for a Secure Retirement

» Estate Planning for Women

» Real Estate

» Invest for Your Success

» Understanding Taxes: Make the Most of Your Return

» Becoming Credit Smart


» Facing a Financial Crisis, Part II

» Being a Business Owner

» Facing a Financial Crisis

» Investing in Your Children

» Different Money Personalities

» Buying and Selling a Home

» Estate Planning

» Wi$e Up About Taxes — Plan Ahead

» Invest in Yourself

» Take Stock and Set Your Goals


» Managing Your Investments

» Becoming an Investor

» Insurance: Protecting Yourself Against Financial Loss

» Savings Basics

» Credit: Use it Wisely

» Wi$e Up: Master your Money

» Ready, Set, Go...als!

» Life Stages Financial Planning: Money for All the Stages in Your Life