Financial Planning for Generation X & Y Women
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Women and men in the U.S. and abroad have taken Wi$eUp classes with remarkable results. Wi$eUp has assembled comments from participants in various organizations to share with our readers. Our hope is that these amazing stories may serve to inspire, motivate, and assist you in taking control of your financial situation through the Wi$eUp Program. The following are some of their testimonials:

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) were created using the voices of Native women who participated in WiseUp in Flagstaff, AZ hosted by Native Americans for Community Action and the Coconino County Career Center. DOL-Women’s Bureau, Region IX, Jenny Erwin, RA

3 Month Post Surveys provide short comments from those who have participated in a Wi$eUp class, and then three months later took the time to complete a survey. They describe how they have benefited from taking the class and why they would recommend Wi$eUp to friends as family.

Wi$eUp e-News features in depth testimonials of participants who have had life changing and empowering results from taking Wi$eUp classes.

"I have three adult daughters between thirty and thirty-five, and each of them has participated in the Wi$eUp Program. They are living on their own in three states and they are trying to manage their resources in these difficult economic times.”

Dr. Wanda Beauman

“While attending one of the Boston [Wi$eUp] workshops, I thought to myself, ‘being there will be very supportive of our women’; I didn’t really expect to walk out learning something, but quite frankly I did. It is a true testament to the program that at any age, any level, you can walk away feeling enriched with better information.”

Robin Matza Deloitte Service LP. Boston, MA

Wi$eUp E-News Testimonials

“Prior to Wi$eUp, I lived paycheck to paycheck, with no emergency savings. An unexpected emergency would have devastated us financially.”

Bianca Smith